Press release

EGW/TUSCO to partner up

great news for regional utility contractors

(Carrollton, TX, March 18, 2018 -) TUSCO has announced that on April 1, 2018 they will merge with their sister company, EGW, forming one massive utility products outlet. TUSCO, originally founded in 2005, was formed as a service and repair company to complement EGW’s powerful distribution and manufacturing offering. As TUSCO's business expanded, they began partnering with key manufacturers and started offering a growing number of underground utility products and tooling that EGW did not.

Due to their extremely successful business model, TUSCO rapidly grew to a point that required a much larger staff and an ever-increasing need for human resources support. Instead of hiring additional team members, the owners of TUSCO and EGW decided that it only made sense to merge the two companies. Consolidating their resources would also make it easier to meet the needs of their customers more efficiently while simultaneously strengthening their buying power.

Jeff Burnett, GM and co-owner of TUSCO, firmly believes that their strong client relationships and valuable manufacturing partners are who they have to thank for their success. "We will continue to rely on that same support moving forward," Mr. Burnett said.

The merger of TUSCO and EGW will bring about a few changes, but almost all of them will be internal. Visibly, TUSCO will become EGW Utility Solutions, and some back-office processes will change, but not much else will be different. The ownership of EGW Utility Solutions will remain the same as it was with TUSCO, management roles will remain the same for now and so will most sales and customer service roles.

What will change?

Starting on April 1st, TUSCO will become EGW Utility Solutions, and all future corporate communications will be forwarded in that name.

What remains the same?

Addresses will remain the same and all contact roles will remain the same.

EGW Utility Solutions is, and will remain committed to the very same principles that made them successful from their inception. Their mission and their success still depends heavily upon the company's ethics, continued strong partnerships and the support and value they place on each one of their team members. TUSCO and EGW are very excited about what the future holds and look forward to their continued success.