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NOTE: The LA118 Bull Tong latches with an adjustable chain screw nut rather than the usual chain hook. Further adjustment can be made by adding or removing chain sections.

petol™ bull tongs

PETOL™ BULL TONGS are the most versatile tools available for making up or breaking out tool and pipe joints in the shop as well as on the drilling rig. Positive grip, perfect ratcheting, noncrushing and nonjamming features make these tongs the ideal choice for many jobs. This tong grips in the downward motion and ratchets in the upward motion. The LA16H can be furnished with a 2-2 chain combination for added speed in latching, unlatching, and O.D. adjustment when working with lower torque requirements. The 2-2 chain is standard on the LA155-16.

petol™ vise tongs

PETOL™ VISETONGS are designed to operate best when large makeup torques are required and when heavy loads are needed to breakout tool joints, drill collars, reamers, and similar heavy jobs. A hydraulic cylinder can be attached to the end of the tong handle.

PETOL Visetongs have the unique feature of being easily adjusted to various pipe sizes by simply sliding the heat-treated PETOL Special Chain through the jaw of the tong and engaging the locking cam lever. Regardless of the load on the handle, these tongs will not jam.

PETOL Visetongs have minimum crushing effect, and great strength for their weight. Made of high-quality steel, these tongs are equipped with replaceable high-speed steel PETOL Diamond Point Inserts, which minimize marring of pipe surfaces. PETOL Visetongs come in both pushup and pulldown designs.

petol™ chain tongs

PETOL™ CHAIN TONGS were designed to eliminate the crushing effect on pipe and tool joints that is sometimes associated with conventional style chain tongs and pipe wrenches. The tongs rest on the pipe and release instantly to make the job easier on the operator.

petol™ slimgrip tongs

PETOL™ SLIMGRIP TONGS are designed to meet the need when a “pipe wrench” with a torque rating is required to make up and break out connections having narrow gripping areas. The tongs are self-adjusting and ratchet easily. Simply stab the tongs onto the workpiece and you’re ready to go.

Equipped with hand grips for ease in placing the tongs on top of or underneath the workpiece.