palmer circular chart pressure recorders

Palmer Recorders are available in 8" or 12" models, and come complete with either electric, spring wound, or PC-11 (battery operated) chart drive, and up to three (3) felt tip pens. Contact Us


circular chart pressure recorders


Pressure Recorders
Pressure ranges up to 0 to 30,000 psig are offered in both 8" and 12" chart recorders.
Recorder accuracy is ± 1/2 chart graduation.

Pressure Elements
Each Palmer pressure element is individually designed and calibrated for one service pressure range. Palmer subjects these elements to extensive testing during calibration to ensure better than specified accuracy. The all-welded system prevents deterioration.

  1. Accuracy ± 1/2 chart graduation
  2. 316 S.S. helical type coil with S.S. fittings and tubing, all welded construction offers over-range protection for ranges over 30 PSIG (Ranges under 10,000 PSI with 1/4" NPT female connection, ranges 10,000 PSI and above with F-250-C Autoclave style fitting.)
  3. Beryllium copper diaphragm silver brazed to copper tubing and brass fittings for ranges under 30 PSIG (with 1/4" NPT female connection)
  4. Angular deflection of the pen arm of 22-1/2 degrees for 8" and 36 degrees for 12"
  5. Standard ranges to 30,000 PSI. For higher ranges please call factory.


circular charts

8" Recorder Charts


felt tip pens

Model number AR-3714-01-6

Felt Tip Pen, Red 5-pack
RP-1, NIB Length is .253"